Loza says that there is no “small Mexico” in the Chapare

Loza says that there is no “small Mexico” in the Chapare

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After Bolivian police officers and Chilean investigator Hugo Bustos pointed out that there is a population “without law” with the nickname “Mexico Chico” in the Chapare, the senator of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), Leonardo Loza, said this Saturday that there is such a population in the tropics of Cochabamba and that these statements come from “ignorant” foreigners.

“There is no Mexico Chico, in the tropics or in any region of the country, whoever, whether Chilean or not, Bolivian or not, can freely enter, so I regret that some false, liars (foreigners) who come to talk to us of a small Mexico”, he affirmed.

He reproached that some foreigners and even “false Chileans” come to talk about things that they do not know the reality and make statements only to affect the image of a region.

“I would even say as a political instruction against the tropical region of Cochabamba,” the senator pointed out.

In recent days, Bustos pointed out that part of the vehicles stolen in Chile are going to Chapare. “Those (stolen) vehicles were in small Mexico, you cannot enter that place (to rescue stolen vehicles) because it is dangerous, the police do not go either,” he asserted.

Page Seven consulted several police chiefs about that place called “Mexico Chico”: “These lawless populations exist in the east and west, in Challapata (Oruro), in Ivirgarzama (Cochabamba), Yapacaní and San Julián (Santa Cruz), Caranavi (La Paz) and in the same city of El Alto. Unfortunately, there are places of this type in all the departments, not to mention in Beni and Pando, where everything goes are lawless lands, ”answered one of the officers who requested confidentiality of his identity.

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Loza rejected these statements and regretted that some Chilean citizens are unaware of the Bolivian reality and come to talk to the media about things they do not know. He reiterated that these false statements respond to political instructions and only seek to damage the image of the Cochabamba tropics.

Hugo Bustos was the protagonist of the report issued by a Chilean media, in which it was shown that the cars stolen in Chile were interned in Bolivia for their commercialization, an activity that involves networks of Chilean criminals and some Bolivian policemen, according to the operation carried out by that NGO.

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