Loving relationship has the president of the IDB in ‘check’

The president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Mauricio Claver-Carone, criticized the investigation against him for allegedly having had an intimate relationship with an employee, considering that the investigation did not meet international standards of integrity.

Nevertheless, the head of the agency stressed in a statement that he supported and participated in this “unprecedented” investigation which, according to him, “does not corroborate the false and anonymous accusations” made against him or IDB staff in the press.

According to some media published in April, the IDB was planning to hire an outside company to investigate Claver-Carone, following a complaint against him after having had an intimate relationship with an employee, breaching the bank’s code of ethics.

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in his day, Claver-Carone attributed the complaint to an “anonymous political and media campaign” spurred on by bank staff.

The Reuters agency published, citing two sources familiar with the investigation, that the independent investigations, carried out by an external company and motivated by the complaints of an informant, They have found evidence that the president of the IDB had an intimate relationship with an employee.

In his statement, Claver-Carone complained that “It is the first time in the history of any multilateral development bank that this kind of process is carried out” and called the investigation “arbitrary without any formal complaint.”

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He claimed the investigation “has repeatedly violated” the bank’s ethics rules.

“It has raised seriously questionable practices, including the manipulation, distortion and conscious use of information that has been proven to be unreliable to predetermine an outcome instead of presenting a fair and impartial review,” he said.

Despite this, Claver-Carone assured that he has cooperated “fully” without giving up his “constitutional rights.”

According to Reuters, the findings of the investigation, which lasted months and has been carried out by the law firm Davis Polk, they were presented on Monday to IDB directors.

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The 14 members of the IDB’s board of directors reviewed the report and met again to evaluate the next steps to be taken, they would be considering revoking him from office.

Claver-Carone stressed that neither he nor any other IDB staff member has had the opportunity to review the final report of the investigation, respond to its conclusions or correct inaccuracies, “in clear and direct contravention of the ethics rules” of the agency.

Claver-Carone, an American of Cuban origin, was chosen to head the IDB in September 2020 at the proposal of then US President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

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