Love letters, according to Ecuadorian politics

Love letters, according to Ecuadorian politics

Today, February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated and we do not want it to be overlooked. For this reason, we present you some love letters in Ecuadorian politics.

This is the perfect date to dedicate to your partner or your best friend a few words that reflect what you feel for them. THE TIME was inspired by the famous phrases of Ecuadorian politics so that you can finish your love letter like a champion.

Jaime Roldos

“This Amazonian heart will love you forever and forever”

Roldós held the Presidency of Ecuador from 1979 until his tragic death in an accident. His inspiring phrase: “This Amazonian Ecuador, forever and ever. Long live the country!” the delivered in his last speech in the context of the territorial war with Peru in 1981, known as Paquisha.

Sixto Duran Ballen

“I will not take this love back one step back”

not one step back” was the motto of the Government of Durán Ballén in the face of the Cenepa war in 1995. According to historians, the speech of the former president cemented the Ecuadorian unity in the face of conflict and empowered the troops to fight for territory.

Rafael Correa

“If you want to kill me, kill me, but for love”

At September 30, 2010which started as a police and military protest it ended in widespread chaos in the country. He then President Rafael Correa went to the Police Hospital, which was the epicenter of the demonstrations, and that caused me not to be able to leave the place. Through the window, he gave a speech to the uniformed men, calling for them to kill him. “If you want to kill the president, kill me because I’m here”, he stated.

William Lasso

«No Andrés, don’t break my heart again»

During the presidential debate of March 2021, the now president Guillermo Lasso made his panel rival, Andrés Arauz, uncomfortable under the phrase: “Andrew, don’t lie again”. This as a strategy to viralize a discourse of fallacies on the part of the party that Araúz represented: Citizen Revolution. (TRC)


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