López Obrado celebrates veto suspension and calls for a referendum vote

In his daily morning press conference, this time in Veracruz, Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated that as of a popular referendum on April 10, the mandate revocation system is established forever, to which the president will submit every three years to that the same people who installed it in the Government remove it if it malfunctions.

He called not to forget that the sovereign is the people, the one who removes and puts, the one who rules, and described the revocation of the mandate as a political and social conquest, an important advance for the citizen to qualify and decide if the ruler is doing it good or not and to continue or go.

He considered that it is the most important thing that has been approved at this time, really something transcendent that goes beyond partisan positions or phobia.

What was the National Electoral Institute (INE) doing? he wondered. Well, keeping quiet, as was shown in a survey carried out by the Government whose data it revealed, and which includes whether people knew where the voting booths would be placed.

I also show the distribution of these in places that are not easily accessible or known, almost none in popular places and no information on where they will be, except in places where residents of upper social classes are openly opposed to the government with mayoralties dominated by the opposition.

Everything, he denounced, with the aim of preventing people from voting and making propaganda after it was a failure and later subtracting credibility and legality from the referendum. With the veto these things could not be said and they wanted to work with impunity against the referendum, but fortunately the legislators overthrew it and now it can be said, he pointed out

He asked people to spread the word when they find out where there are booths installed so that everyone finds out and freely exercises their right if they want him to continue as president or leave.

In this regard, he reiterated that even if 40 percent of the electoral roll is not reached, that is, 35 million citizens for the referendum to be binding, he will leave anyway, he will leave the Government, it is my commitment and a conviction, because what good is a president if he does not have popular support.

But whatever they do, he reiterated, from now on this method is established and no one is going to feel absolute at any of the levels of the scale of publicly elected positions, they are always going to be thinking that the people have the last word, the reins of power in the hands, and that is a democratic act of the first order.


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