“Look at the hunger in this country”: They record elderly people rummaging through the garbage

MIAMI, United States. – The images of elderly people rummaging through three garbage tanks in which several boxes of bananas, peppers and avocados allegedly in poor condition were thrown, in Havana, went viral this Sunday for showing the acute food crisis that affects Cubans.

“Look at this, how people here in Cuba collect the bananas that they are going to throw away pa The trash. Check this out, sir. Here in Cuba”, says the man who records the images, posted on Facebook by user Alain Hebra.

“Those bananas are going to be thrown away and people watch how they pick them up. Look at the hunger that is here. It’s not a story, it’s true. Check this out. Look at the hunger that exists in this country”, continues the voice in off.

“Oh my God, what a lack of respect. To collect the bananas that are going to throw in the garbage. look for thatthe never seen”, ends the first video.

In another clip from the same scene, the person recording adds: “Look now, picking chili peppers. Look at the people collecting ajises [sic] of garbage brass. look pa this, sir. And then they say that there is no hunger here, picking up the ajises [sic] of junk brass.

“Ow mom. Oh, for God’s sake, Canel, look at this, mijo, look at this. look for that, and then they say there is no hunger. Oh my goodness, the people picking the avocados out of the garbage can. Is there hunger or is there not hunger?”, he asks and ends.

According to Hebra and other social network users, the images were recorded on Calle Monte, between San Joaquín and Diez de Octubre, in the Havana municipality of Cerro.

Although the exact date of the video is not specified, numerous Internet users on the Island assume that they were taken recently and assure that it is evidence of the critical food crisis in the country, currently mired in power cuts, an increase in civil disobedience, lack of basic medicines and an epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic fever.

“This is our reality without filters, without NTV [diciendo] that there is everything Behold: this is the true reality of the Cuban”, wrote in the forum generated by the videos the user Damaris Del Carmen Fernández Pérez.

“This means that we are a country where misery and hunger have already reached their ultimate consequences, with so many viruses and diseases that we have. How sad, how horrible.” added Yvonne Gonzalez.

Most of the users who commented on the videos expressed their hopelessness and frustration. “We are like this, and those who live in Cuba know what I am talking about, we are very bad, I am 50 years old and never in my life have I experienced such humiliation,” lament Kenya Linares.

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