“Long live Chile”: President Boric sang tenth at the inauguration of the inns of Parque O’Higgins

President Gabriel Boric gave the go-ahead for the celebration of the National Holidays, after participating in the traditional opening of the Parque O’Higgins inns, accompanied by some authorities such as the president of the Senate, Álvaro Elizalde; the mayor of Santiago, Irací Hassler and among others. There, the President took the opportunity to dance a cueca foot with the mayor of the capital and sing a tenth.

Before reciting the traditional tenth, the President valued the importance of poetry in national culture and history, commenting that “there is a tradition that our mayor picked up, which is popular poetry. Great poets and poetesses of Chile such as Rosa Araneda, Bernardino Guajardo, used the tenth to recount the life and efforts of the Chilean people. The great Violeta did the same”.

The tenths of the President

“When we toast Chile, we celebrate our people, our independent homeland and the future we trace. Because when we get together with empanada pisco and wine, from southern to northerners, we are reminded that we are the same story and we are masters of our destiny.”

“In this beloved park, Maipú, Chacabuco, El Roble, and their brave heroes are celebrated with a drumbeat. When we are gathered in these days of festivities, Chile looks in the mirror and reflects for a moment. Some will say that we are going slowly, but it is because we are going far”.

“Together we give each other support, the 18th is an impulse to work hard and build development, to overcome the obstacles well. Compatriots, we hear you, and closing I encourage you to toast with so many thousands, committed to Chile today and tomorrow we continue Long live Chile shit!

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