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Agricultural production in 2021 breaks new record and reaches R$ 743.3 billion

The value of the country’s agricultural production in 2021 hit a new record and reached R$ 743.3 billion, an increase of 58.6% compared to the previous year. The planted area totaled 86.7 million hectares, which represented an increase of almost 3.3 million hectares, an area 3.9% higher than that recorded in 2020. After two consecutive years of records in the series, the grain harvest dropped 0 .4% in 2021, with 254.4 million tons.Agricultural production in 2021 breaks new record and reaches R$ 743.3 billion

The data are contained in the publication Municipal Agricultural Production (PAM) 2021, published today (15) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

According to the survey, among the agricultural crops that most contributed to this growth, the highlight was soybeans, which reached the mark of 134.9 million tons, generating R$ 341.7 billion in gross value, an increase of 102.1 % compared to the previous crop, hitherto record in the historical series. According to the Ministry of Economy’s Foreign Trade Secretariat, soy was the second product in terms of value on the national export agenda.

According to the IBGE, the production of corn, the second agricultural product in production value, despite the 14.9% drop in the volume produced, of 88.5 million tons, generated a gross value of R$ 116.4 billion, exceeding by 60.7% compared to 2020.

According to the researchers, the high external and internal demand for agricultural commodities, with the dollar maintaining its appreciation against the real, added to the escalation in fuel prices, the prices of the main national agricultural products have established themselves at high levels. As a result, Brazilian agricultural production in 2021 showed new growth in production value.

“The year was marked by climatic instability between autumn and winter, which mainly affected the development of Monday harvest in much of the national territory. Crops such as corn, sugar cane and coffee showed a significant drop in production. The states of Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul were the most affected”, informed the IBGE.

“However, the main temporary crops with predominance of cultivation in the first harvest, such as soybeans and rice, showed good results. Highlight for the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which showed good recovery, after climatic problems faced in the previous year, which affected the productivity of several cultures in the territory of Rio Grande do Sul”, added the institute.

The amount of sugarcane produced declined by 5.3% in 2021, influenced by unfavorable weather factors and a reduction in the cultivated area. However, the production value achieved in the year was 24.4% higher, as a result of higher sugar and ethanol prices.

“The production of coffee, another important national agricultural product, in a year of negative biennial Arabica type, registered a significant drop in production compared to the previous harvest, with a reduction of 19.2%, however, with the increase in the prices of the grain in the market. global, showed a growth in the value of production in the order of 27.9% in the year”, says the research.


The Midwest, once again, was the region with the highest value of agricultural production, totaling R$ 261.3 billion, 80.4% more than the previous period, with emphasis on the production of soybeans, corn and cotton. The regional highlight was Mato Grosso, with the generation of R$ 151.7 billion, growth of 91.5% in the year, largely due to soybean, its main crop.

According to the IBGE, Sorriso, in Mato Grosso, with an increase of 86.4%, once again generated the highest value of national agricultural production among Brazilian municipalities, totaling almost R$ 10 billion, with soybeans and corn as the main crops. of greater value.

The South registered the second highest production value among the major regions, with R$ 191.4 billion, an increase of 73.4%. The municipality of Guarapuava, in Paraná, again recorded the highest value of regional agricultural production, generating R$ 1.6 billion, with soybeans as its main crop.

The Southeast Region, in turn, stood out for the production of sugarcane and coffee, reaching R$ 165.1 billion, registering an increase of 32.2%. The municipality of Unaí, in Minas Gerais, had the highest value of regional agricultural production, at R$ 2.7 billion, generated mainly by soybean production in 2021.

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