"Loaded dice" for Aldana to lead the STPRM, they denounce

“Loaded dice” for Aldana to lead the STPRM, they denounce

▲ José Luis Gómez went yesterday to the headquarters of the STPRM to register as a candidate to direct it.Photo Roberto Garcia Ortiz

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Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday, January 19, 2022, p. 13

On the second day of registration, candidates for the General Secretariat of the oil union pointed out that there is no even floor, since the National Electoral Commission (CNE) is judge and party in the electoral process and loaded dice in favor of Ricardo Aldana Prieto, close to Carlos Romero Deschamps, which will allow the union charrismo is eternalized.

The interested parties accused that, at the last minute, the CNE requested documentation that was not included in the call. They also indicated that Aldana Prieto, current treasurer of the Petroleum Workers Union of the Mexican Republic (STPRM) and candidate for national leadership, has already begun campaign in advance in social networks.

María de Lourdes Díaz Lula, who heads the National Oil Transformation Movement, pointed out that the STPRM he is judge and party; they set up the election committee and decide whether the candidates pass or not, they themselves are going to have the election. There is no flat floor.

The union charrismo is eternalized

The applicant, who was denied registration for not having a current employment relationship with Pemex -according to the CNE- argued that there are loaded dice in favor of Ricardo Aldana, involved in the case Pemexgate, and noted: Everything is a masquerade, there will be no democracy in the oil union. The union charrismo is eternalized.

Sergio Morales Quintana, from Section 34, was also denied registration under the same argument and claimed that they are raping him your employment rights.

The National Electoral Commission, headed by Fernando Navarrete, is responsible for validating the documentation presented by the candidates. Today the registration period ends and tomorrow is the date on which you must report which applications proceeded, in order to define who will be the candidates who will contend for the General Secretariat of the STPRM in the election on January 31 next.

There is no level floor because there are people who have already started the campaign for months and the main problem is the economic resource. We know that the official candidate (Aldana) has resources. There are loaded dice for those who want control, indicated Jorge Martínez Sánchez from section 34 (Mexico City), who said that the CNE requested documents not included in the call, but finally obtained their registration.

Pablo González, from Section 48 (Reforma, Chiapas) and who did manage to register, agreed that they themselves are going to be judge and party in these elections and what we hope is that the Ministry of Labor supervises the way they are going to act, because they want to load the dice (in favor of Aldana).

Unlike the first day of registration, yesterday the applicants were seen arriving with small groups of supporters. So far, there are at least 20 interested parties registered for the national leadership, a headless position for more than two years.

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