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“Little by little it is restored”: SIMO, on the DIAN page, failed to apply for vacancies due to the high income

“Little by little it is restored”: The DIAN page has had failures due to the high income to apply for vacancies.

The SIMO payment button on the DIAN page is “slow”, and it is due to the collapse due to the high number of visits to the portal during the registration process for vacancies.

News Colombia.

Since Wednesday, March 15, the Directorate of Customs and National Taxes, DIAN, published information about the vacancies available to work in the institution, this generated a high income on the page, and the SIMO button collapsed.

The entity’s technology director stated that during the last seven days there were nine million visits to the portal.

This caused the page to be very slow and people took hours to process payments or requests.

Given the multiple citizen complaints about the situation before the National Civil Service Commission, many will wonder about the situation.

«Regarding the operation and functioning, imagine a situation where we all leave the payment of public services until the last minute and run to the bank to pay, we will find long lines and difficulty in service; And if you add to that the fact that people do not leave the bank, then the time will come when the system will collapse. You have to do things with time, “explained Gustavo Vélez, director of technology.

It is expected that before the selection process is closed and the work to expand the capacity of the portal, it will work without setbacks.

It should be noted that there were 4,200 open vacancies, Aimed at professionals, technicians and technologists in 31 departments and 42 cities of the country.

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