List of candidates for Ombudsman rises to 65 one day before the final deadline

List of candidates for Ombudsman rises to 65 one day before the final deadline

The activist Manuel Moralesa member of the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade), was the last candidate for Ombudsman who presented his documents this Thursday and thus the list reached 65 candidates for that position, when there are less than 24 hours left before the closing of registrations.

This Friday is the deadline for the delivery of documents at 6:00 p.m., in accordance with the opening hours established by the Joint Commission of the Constitution, which organized an office that receives the applications. For this Friday, it is expected that more registration posts will be enabled, since until now there was only one desk for this purpose.

This Thursday 33 people arrived and delivered their documents As of Wednesday, there were 32 candidates for this legislative body, which brings the total number to 65. Very little female participation can be observed, since only 17 women applied for the positionwhile men almost triple that figure, 48 in total.

The activist of the Mujeres Creando collective, María Galindo, He canceled his appearance at the last minute. at the registration offices and said that he wanted to avoid any confrontation with another group that was arriving at the commission at the same time.

The one who did arrive was the former deputy of the MAS, Lidia Patty, as a candidate for Ombudsman and said that she will fight for the validity of the rights of all people, although He did not want to refer to the case of the former president, Jeanine Áñezwho is in preventive detention for more than a year in the Miraflores prison, precisely as a result of Patty’s complaint.

Although the summons to the position of Ombudsman prohibits all persons who they had militated in some party, Lidia Patty considered that she should be elected for the defense of human rights that she would have defended all this time (Senkata and Sacaba).

The outstanding note of the day was given by Raúl Alejo Quispe, who identified himself as a native indigenous candidate, but he is also blind. He said that his condition does not prevent him from running for high office in the country.

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