Lina Tejeiro and her boyfriend would not be having a good time: Hints come and go

The new relationship Lina Tejeiro and Juan Duque It has been one of the most notorious in Colombian entertainment and the same celebrities have been in charge of making known every detail of how their romance began and how this relationship progresses.

For her part, the actress has revealed that her rapprochement with the singer took place through social networks, shortly after she ended up with Andy Rivera, with whom she established her relationship in May of this year.

That’s the way it is, Tejeiro confessed that Duque began to steal his attention with details and finally the ‘boom’ of their courtship for the public was given by the most famous song of paisa ‘I say it to you’, which he dedicated to the actress once he launched it. Finally, together they confirmed their relationship with publications on social networks and it has been there that they have shown the affection they have for each other.

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First fight between Lina Tejeiro and Juan Duque

Despite the fact that everything was a love affair, the couple would not be having a good time, since characteristic of their style of making their personal affairs public, the two celebrities have launched several hints that would indicate that they are not going through a good moment.

Through his Twitter account, Juan Duque began by putting “Everyone is writing to me except you my love” then post “Yesterday I saw a story I didn’t want to see”, something that users immediately related to his girlfriend.

This would end up being confirmed when the actress published “I don’t trust people who like to victimize themselves.”.

Although neither of the two has given more details, many believe that the couple would be having an argument and hope that it is something temporary.

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