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Limiting the distance between service centers is unconstitutional, says Court ruling

The president Mario Abdo and the foreign minister Julio Arriola will be on January 1 at the inauguration of Lula Da Silva as president of Brazil. The Secretary of State will try to talk with his peer about the Itaipu tariff and about the policy that the new government will implement.

This week an extraordinary session was to be held in the Permanent Commission of Congress, with the participation of the authorities responsible for defining the Itaipu tariff, including the Foreign Ministry, the Binational Board of Directors and ANDE.

The head of the Commission, Ángel Paniagua, confirmed that decided to postpone this call, due to the fact that the Minister of Foreign Relations, Julio Arriola, informed him about the trip they will make to Brazil in the New Year.

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On the 1st, Lula takes office, Mario Abdo Benítez will go, the foreign minister will accompany him and in that meeting he will talk with the Brazilian foreign minister, there will be a clear picture of the policy that the new president will apply”, commented Paniagua.

This morning at 10:00 a meeting is scheduled -no session- between the members of the Permanent Commission of Congress, where PAniagua will inform his colleagues about what was discussed with Arriola.

Besides, on the occasion they will set a date in January to convene Arriola, the director of Itaipu Manuel María Cáceres and the president of ANDE, Félix Sosain order to explain to public opinion what will happen to the rate with the new government in Brazil.

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Bolsonaro is in his last week in powerr, but last Monday he repeated the play of a year ago and already defined the rate that Brazil will pay from 2023, with a reduction of 38.9%, with which, from USD 20.75 it drops to USD 12.67.

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