Lilia Paredes came to testify before the prosecution for investigation of her sister

The First Lady, , went today to testify before the Public Ministry in the midst of a strong police contingent that at all times prevented the entry of the press. Pedro Castillo’s wife is a witness for the preliminary investigation that was opened against her sister, after the broadcast of a video where he is seen offering works in a community of Cajamarca.

The lawyer for Paredes and President Pedro Castillo, Benji Espinoza, assured that he will testify without giving details about the strategy he will have in the face of questions from the prosecution.

“She is coming to the prosecution to be able to comply with the summons from the prosecutor’s office that has summoned her as a witness for the investigation that has been initiated in relation to Yenifer Paredes”said before the press moments before the start of the diligence.

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It should be remembered that, in a previous summons to Lilia Paredes before the money laundering prosecutor’s office, Lilia Paredes decided to make use of her right to remain silent, which is why an investigation was initiated for alleged obstruction of justice.

At 9:22 am, Pedro Castillo’s wife went behind a police fence that prevented access to the press to the headquarters of the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office in Jr. Lampa, in downtown Lima.

A video broadcast by Cuarto Poder, dating from September 2021, showed that the sister of the first lady Lilia Paredes, Yenifer Paredes, went to one of the communities in the Chadín district, in Chota, in Cajamarca, where she offered and guaranteed a sanitation work.

Lilia Paredes’ sister was accompanied by Hugo Espino Lucana, general manager and founding partner of the company JJM Espino Engineering and Construction SAC


Wife and sister-in-law of Pedro Castillo are summoned by the Prosecutor's Office
Wife and sister-in-law of Pedro Castillo are summoned by the Prosecutor’s Office Court of Madrid ordered the capture and extradition of César Hinostroza on June 28. In addition, the team of prosecutors that will investigate the president’s environment begins to work. Also, Pedro Castillo would have to return all his salaries if plagiarism is proven And, millions of confined in China for new outbreaks of covid-19.

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