Lights of hope: this is how Bogotá lived the night of candles

Lights of hope: this is how Bogotá lived the night of candles

“I think it is a very beautiful tradition and It’s a shame we don’t have it in Ireland, because I would really like to celebrate this day with family and friends, it’s for everyone. It is a very Colombian tradition that I like very much”, said Sharlock, who added that he hopes that one day in Northern Ireland they will resort to that tradition.

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With family, with friends, as a couple and even with pets, tens children and adults enjoyed this Christmas date.

“We came to spend the night of candlelight together. I lit a lot of candles and made several wishes like spending time with my family and nice things. I really like coming to the park, we couldn’t for a long time, but it’s very cool”, said Samuel Triana, a nine-year-old boy who assures that going to the park is his favorite family plan.

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