Lightning trip and by surprise of a diplomatic mission of the United States to Caracas

Lightning trip and by surprise of a diplomatic mission of the United States to Caracas

Russian oil for Venezuelan


After years of broken diplomatic relations, the meeting would have discussed the supposed US interest in substituting part of Russia’s oil with that of Venezuela.

Demonstration this week in Caracas in support of Ukraine.FEDERICO PARRAAFP

An American delegation has flown today by surprise to Caracas despite the fact that diplomatic relations between the two countries are broken since three years ago. A lightning trip of just two hours ahead of New York Times and confirmed by political sources in the Venezuelan capital, which happens in the midst of the savage invasion of Ukraine that faces Joe Biden with Vladimir Putin, main international ally of Nicholas Maduro.

Since in 2019 the administration of donald trump recognized Juan Guaid as interim president and tightened the sanctions against the Bolivarian revolution, there had not been a diplomatic meeting of this magnitude. According to the New York newspaper, it was not only about the freedom of the six directors of American nationality of Citgo, a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, but also about the alleged US interest in substituting part of Russia’s oil with that of Venezuela.

Maduro leads the Latin American support for the Russian caudillo, ahead of Cuba and Nicaragua, and partly Bolivia, in addition to the winks launched from Brazil, El Salvador and leaders of the radical left, relying on a supposed neutrality. Drone pilots, Russian special forces and mercenaries of the Wagner Group They have fought in the border conflict, which pits Colombian guerrillas allied with Caracas against FARC dissidents, as well as in special operations.

“Finding a solution to the diplomatic confrontation with Venezuela is a smart move. The Venezuelan people would prefer an alliance with the US than with Russia. We have to find a way to shore up our Western Hemisphere,” said Trish Regan, an inclusive communicator close to Trump, after learning about the diplomatic mission.

“The US is sending the message to Maduro that he is running a risk by continuing his support and dependence on Putin. But in the end this is all about who makes a concession first and it seems that it has been Maduro freeing some Americans unjustly imprisoned in Venezuela If so, The US government should announce it soon. which would be important for Biden in an election year but could change the dynamics in the US-Maduro relationship and open the door to concessions from both sides,” deepened the internationalist Mariano de Alba for EL MUNDO.

The US mission landed in Caracas on a very emblematic day for the revolution, March 5, the anniversary of nine years after the death of Hugo Chvez, that Maduro now defines as “change of landscape”. The “people’s president” is currently hosting several of his continental allies, such as Evo Morales and Rafael Correa, invited to a congress of his party. The event also takes place a few hours after the United States has extended Barack Obama’s executive order for another year, which points to Venezuela as a threat to US national security and foreign policy.

“The conflict in Ukraine dramatically changes the hierarchy of interests of the United States and the world and concentrates them on the search for mechanisms and negotiations that allow avoiding a collapse in the oil market and especially a monumental shot in the price of gasoline. The search for negotiations will jump all the barriers that had been imposed,” said Luis Vicente León, president of Datanlisis.

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