Life sentence confirmed for assassins who killed Valentín Huamán Matamoros

Life sentence confirmed for assassins who killed Valentín Huamán Matamoros

The judges of the 1st Appeals Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Huancavelica: Waldo Gonzales, María Espinoza and Carmelo García, decided to confirm the first instance sentence for the assassins who murdered Valentín Huamán Matamoros, his own employer.

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With this result, Alexander Antonio Ormeño Morgado (alias “chauffeur” or “moreno”) and Tania Silvia Robles Lindo will die in jail since they have life sentences. The first is in the “Sarita Colonia” prison, while Robles is in the Huancavelica prison and possibly is, or has already been, transferred to another prison to serve his sentence.

Likewise, Rubén Freddy Bedoya Díaz (alias “Negro” or “licenciado”) will have to serve 35 years in prison (beginning on September 3, 2021 (the date he was admitted to the prison after being caught by the Police) and will end the September 2, 2056) and Geremy Giovanni Miñán Albitres must serve 30 years in prison (began on November 29, 2021 and will expire on November 28, 2051). Bedoya is in the Huancavelica prison for this case, while Miñán is in the Ancón I – “Piedras Gordas” prison.

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It should be noted that Abrahan Valdivia García (alias “Peje”), and Yan Pierre Acosta García are in the Yanamilla prison (Ayacucho) serving a 23-year prison sentence. Both confessed to the crime and accepted an early termination to reduce the years of sentence for the murder of Huamán.

The crime charged to the assassins is aggravated robbery with subsequent death.

According to the approach made by the prosecutor Andrés Astovilca, in 2018, the victim and his cousin Emilio Ccanto Matamoros coordinated to attempt on the life of the mayor of Yauli (at that time he was Simión Taipe Sedano).

Thus, on June 12, 2018, the cousin contacts Ormeño, and he contacts Bedoya, with whom Ccanto talks about the job, which Bedoya accepts and summons Valdivia, Acosta, Miñán and Robles.

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With Huamán’s approval, the cousin agrees with Bedoya the amount of 20 thousand soles for the mayor’s death; so, arriving in Huancavelica, the assassins enter a lodging and evaluate the work, however, seeing that it was risky, they decide to change their victim, agreeing to rob their employers.

On June 14, 2018, the victim and her cousin, together with the assassins, get into a car to go to the place where they would commit the murder. Halfway through, Ccanto gets off without first mentioning that the victim had the money from the job.

After taking their places, the “hit men” put their plan into action. Arriving to assault, with gun in hand, Huamán, who did not want to give them the money until they fulfill the agreed work. After struggling, the Yaulino resident ends up receiving four bullets to the body and dies.

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In the first instance, the Collegiate (made up of judges Kati Jurado, Hernán Pozo and Amparo Fernández), sentenced Ormeño, Robles, Bedoya and Miñán, with the aforementioned penalty.

This was appealed by the defense of the sentenced, however, in the second instance hearing in the Appeals Chamber, prosecutor Astovilca came to refute the arguments of the defense, which resulted in the conformity of the sentence.

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During the hearing, the technical defense of those sentenced requested that the sentence be revoked and that the Chamber acquit them, arguing for this purpose various approaches, which were overcome by the prosecutor’s exposition one by one.

In the end, the judges of the Appeals Chamber declared the defense’s appeal unfounded and confirmed the sentence.

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