Los 18 senadores del PRM apoyan continuidad de José Paliza y Carolina Mejía

Directors of municipal districts support José Paliza and Carolina Mejía

SANTO DOMINGO.- The men and women who head the middle leadership from the municipal districts at the national level for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), signed a public manifesto of support for the Executive Directorate of this party, offering their support to the continuity of José Paliza and Carolina Mejía at the head of the political organization.

The directors and directors of municipal districts, who in their great majority decided to make such an important decision, join the action carried out by all the mayors, male and female senators of this organization, sending a message of partisan unity that exists in the organization.

The decision of those who represent the first contact with the citizens, highlights the effort made by José Paliza and Carolina Mejía, in the excellent leadership of the party, promoting programs together with all the leadership that make up the organizations of the current leadership and, building together the triumphs obtained.

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Among the elements that motivated them to sign their signature, is that the current leadership of the party demonstrated a firm commitment to party development, since its inauguration, developing a work agenda at the national level that allowed the arrival of thousands of new participants. , making these citizens interested and believe in politics.

They promote Peñagomist sentiment, which allows everyone to participate in each performance, applying democracy and inspiring values ​​of honesty, humility, justice, prudence and respect for human dignity.

Lastly, they understand that the fundamental element that led them to lead the destinies of the Dominican Republic was unity, that nothing can be an object of distraction to the good government that President Luis Abinader has been developing, this in favor of all Dominicans and Dominican.

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