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Angel Valdes | March 22, 2023

Liberty Latin America Ltd. held its first annual Tech Summit in Panama City. The company received more than 500 attendees, including suppliers, investors and collaborators, under the theme “Driving Growth through Innovation”.

This summit maintains its focus on the importance of innovation for the business and the development of the region, as well as how the company is improving the experience through automation tools, developing new products, growing through fixed-mobile convergence and B2B solutions, accompanied by the continuous collaboration of our allied companies.

Liberty Latin America presented its products and services, including hybrid cloud, private networks, Always On connectivity, Next-Gen Unified Communications, Video Analytics, our portfolio of 5G handsets and how we are going to implement e-SIM in all our markets.

Additionally, Liberty Latin America demonstrates how they are executing on their plans to deliver higher speeds, improve the mobile network through a new wireless core, and enable their IT transformation.

Aamir Hussain, Chief Technology and Product Officer of Liberty Latin America, said: “This first Tech Summit fits perfectly with our company’s purpose of connecting our communities and changing lives. Our goal of driving growth through innovation is essential to staying ahead in today’s fast-paced world. We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge products and solutions and to learn from the best speakers in the industry. With the collective wisdom and insights gained from this summit, we look forward to creating a positive impact in our communities and transforming lives.”

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