Liberals will analyze mayors' request to extend their mandates

Liberals will analyze mayors’ request to extend their mandates

Several mayors of the country approached the Chamber of Deputies in the morning hours of Wednesday. At the same time that the ordinary session was taking place, the communal chiefs communicated to some legislators their intentions to extend their mandates for one more year by law.

In this regard, Carlos María López, deputy for the PLRA (independent), and next president of the Lower House (since July of this year) stated that the arguments put forward by the mayors should be analyzed.

“I don’t have the project yet. I think that the Electoral Justice has given a period from 2021 to 2025 for something. And we should see the arguments so that it can be studied, I haven’t read it yet”, he pointed out.

He said that the mandate was extended for a year due to the pandemic, something legitimate at the time. But now he is unaware of the arguments by which it can be extended again.

When asked about the fact that it is an election year, he stated that, if it is an extortion from the mayors for being an election year, it will not be correct. But if it is for the benefit of the community, they will support the initiative.

“Surely the commissions will rule and according to that we will issue our opinions,” he said.

Celeste Amarilla, national deputy for bench “D”, also stated that she will take the time to analyze the request of the community leaders. However, Edgar Ortiz, deputy for bench “B”, affirmed that he welcomes the extension of the mandate. He taking into account that the National Constitution establishes five years.

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