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Letters about Mario Abdo: “He doesn’t want to compete, that’s why he offends daily”

Former President Horacio Cartes, candidate for the presidency of the Governing Board of the Colorado Party, Horacio Cartes, launched a harsh speech against the government’s dismissal of the productive sector.

Source: The Nation

The statements of the former president of the Republic were given during a meeting of the leadership of the Honor Colorado movement with producers from the Yguazú neighborhood, department of Alto Paraná, occasion in which he presented the proposals for this economic segment.

In this regard, he pointed out that farm workers only want peace and tranquility to continue working, with legal certainty and respect for private property.

“The field worker only wants peace, he wants tranquility. I am going to tell you that you are going to have a president and vice president who perfectly understand the needs of the countryside, who are aware that, despite our extraordinary Itaipú and Yacyretá hydroelectric plants, the most important income in Paraguay comes from this sector”, said the former president.

In this context, he regretted that there are authorities that carry out the administration of the country that do not understand the importance of production for the development of the economy. In this sense, he maintained that the pre-candidates of the Honor Colorado movement Santiago Peña and Pedro Alliana will work for the development and promotion of the productive sector.

“Sometimes it is not fair that people who do not understand what the countryside is in charge of the country, when the countryside is the most important thing for Paraguay. They are going to have a luxury president and vice president; not only for Paraguay, Santiago Peña and Pedro Alliana are a luxury for any part of the world”, he pointed out.

On the other hand, he mentioned that the country needs more investors and capital from abroad; however, legal security must first be worked on to guarantee the entry of foreign investors.

“We remember very well which country we found and we know well how we deliver, company by company, I can tell you. We show that from the State things can be done very well and we are here to create the rules of the game and I the commitment when I get to my beloved National Republican Association, there will be a party at the service of the Government, ”he sentenced.

Another of the aspects questioned by the candidate for the Governing Board were the sectors that still implement the policy of outrage and invasions, ensuring that from the Honor Colorado team and in the government, the producers will find the backing and support of the authorities. .

“Paraguay has enormous attractions, but we have to have legal security, here we still discuss that there is a side of politics that is to run over and occupy private property. They will have us firmly by their side. We need more people to come from abroad, more capital to come from abroad, the future president of the Republic knows very well”, remarked the leader of Honor Colorado.

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