Letter from neighbors to the MTOP for a route that "looks like ukraine"

Neighbors of Blanquillo, town of Durazno, will send a letter to José Luis Falero, asking him that the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) quickly repair route 19considering that they understand there are risks for those who travel through itdue to the poor condition that it has in general, but especially in some sections.

Raúl Aramburu, an experienced rural producer, told The Observer that It is a very important route with a lot of traffic, considered a backbone in the departmentused to mobilize production (wood, cattle and grains, for example), but also by residents who travel to work in small cars, people who do so to study and residents who go to medical consultations or carry out paperwork.

“Unfortunately It is in a disastrous state, it is a big problem for people who have to use it every day, I am able to be privileged because I have a good truckbut I put myself in the shoes of the one who has a little car or the trucker who has to be on that route for 10 hours… it’s very unhealthy, it’s something unhealthy“, he commented.

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Route 19 has one end on Route 14, near the town of Villa del Carmen, in Durazno, and the other on Route 7, where Cerro Chato is, already in Treinta y Tres.

“Until the final work can be done, we need a crew to do patching and maintenance tasks to avoid problems”said Aramburu, who on his own made warning signs for drivers using that route.

The other time, he said, in eight or 10 days a crew fixed it, “you have to do that again and keep going until they do the new route,” he suggested.

There are areas, he said so that the reader understands, that “it seems that we are in the Ukraine.”

Letter from neighbors to the MTOP for a route that "looks like ukraine"

Peach Alternative

Status of route 19, in Durazno.

Videos broadcast on the Alternativa Durazno Twitter account show the status of the route.

Aramburu said that last weekend took advantage of the Annual Congress of the Rural Federation, in Santa Bernardina, to have a pleasant dialogue with Felipe Algorta, director of UTE, very knowledgeable about the rural environment, “a very sensitive person”.

He said that he told him about the problem that the neighbors have and that immediately Algorta set out on a campaign to collaborate, negotiated with authorities and was successful, and it is expected that in the next few days the long-awaited repair tasks will begin for those who travel along route 19.

He also pointed out that at some point it was considered to make a roadblock, as if to attract attention, but that the idea was really not to complicate anyone, just to make the problem visible and to raise awareness of the need that the neighbors have who live in towns close to Route 19.

Finally, he pointed out that this problem is not from now, that it has been going on for years, therefore it is not the responsibility of a specific government and that it is understood that sometimes there are other needs, but that the people of that area of ​​the national territory You need an efficient solution.

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