Let's talk about Julian Alvarez

Let’s talk about Julian Alvarez

Álvarez key piece in River / Photo: Alejandro Santa Cruz

Despite the weakness of the opponent that River had on Wednesday and even if none of that had happened, neither the win nor the six goals, at this point it would be foolish to deny that Julián Álvarez is the brightest appearance that Argentine football can offer in terms of forwards.

The most luminous and by wide difference ahead of the name that they like to put on the table colorful soccer fans, of varied understanding and of the color of the shirt whose devotion they cultivate.

Álvarez, the boy from Calchín class 2000, the same one that Boca let go under the ridiculous argument that he had covered all the concentration quotas for promising youths, corresponds 100 x 100 with one of the most accurate observations that has been heard from him to Jorge Valdano.

“The only players who confuse are the mediocre ones: those who do not confuse are the very good and the very bad”, noted the center forward of the world champion Argentina in Mexico 86.

Neither very bad, nor just plain bad, nor mediocre, nor acceptable, nor just good, Julián Álvarez is very good.

And now the occasion authorizes to replenish the nuances of the conquests given to Alianza Lima: from the attack, from below, from above, by a fisherman, from the mouthpiece, from the right, from the left…

He missed a headed goal, which without being one of his main virtues does not know him completely, although strictly speaking it is not that he needs to prevail in the free fight with the defenders, since his thing is the technique in speed, the ability to uncheck, the daring, the playfulness and the amazing ease to outline and execute right and left.

In case some demanding among demanding asks and inquires, let it be known: it is not cooked at the first boil if they come from the opposite sidewalk with a baleful look and a firm sole.

With something of 10, 9 and a half, with almost everything from the classic 9, the footballer who will soon wear the Manchester City shirt is a crack through and through.

Crack Creole, of course, chemically pure, one of those that can be born in Calchín, in La Banda, in Ledesma, in Henderson, in Reconquista, follow signatures.

Álvarez, Julián Álvarez, is the fastest Argentine player.

Julin Foto Tlam's numbers
Julián’s numbers / Photo: Télam

But it is not about the speed that made Usain Bolt famous but the one that, for example, makes famous the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, the best chess player on the planet.

Alvarez’s supreme speed is that of his head. The one about his amazing skill in anticipating and executing.

Let’s think about it this way: 90 percent of Argentine forwards realize what is the best thing they could have done in this or that play, when it is already too late for tears.

When at night, in the living room of his house, remote control in hand, he sees and explores the game he has played.

For that, instead, the kid Julián already acted in a timely manner, he shone and sleeps peacefully.

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