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“Let me tell my son that I love him”: Suyen Barahona’s request to the dictatorship

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"Let me tell my son that I love him": Suyen Barahona's request to the dictatorship

“Let me see my son’s eyes and smile. Let me hear his voice and his laugh. Let me tell him that I love him”, is the plea of ​​the political prisoner Suyen Barahonawho hasn’t seen her five-year-old since June 2021.

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has not allowed them any type of communication since then. No phone calls, no letters, photos or drawings. “It is the right of every child to listen to his mother who loves him,” Barahona said. This is confirmed by a complaint made by his relatives on social networks.

The relatives point out that “it is inhumane that they be denied the right to be in communication”, so they ask that “Suyen’s son and all the boys and girls be able to communicate with their mothers and fathers”.

César Dubois, husband of the opposition political leader, stated that “they are not asking for anything extraordinary”, but what the laws establish, and they already want “this suffering to end” for the child.

“As a parent, you seek all possible strategies to protect your child and make this moment more bearable. With a lot of love, a lot of accompaniment, we have been supporting him, trying to explain things, trying to ensure that this does not have a greater impact on his childhood, obviously it is going to have it because it is a need for too long, but we do try to do things as bearable as possible,” declared the husband.

The relatives promote a campaign called #UnaLlamadaParaSuyen with the aim of making the situation visible and pressuring the national authorities to authorize some type of contact between Suyen and her son.

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Barahona is the president of the Democratic Renovating Union movement (UNAMOS), formerly MRS, who was imprisoned during the hunt for opponents in 2021, and held in the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, in Managua.

The last time the boy saw his mother was when the police arrested the leader at her home, on June 13, 2021. “Where is my mom? Why hasn’t my mom come? Why doesn’t my mom contact me? When are we going to call my mom? When will I be able to talk to her? Why does so much time go by and he doesn’t come? », The minor asks his father.

During these 15 months, the police authorities prevent the child’s letters and drawings from being delivered to his mother, despite the fact that the defense attorney has filed several appeals before the Managua Court of Appeals that, to date, have not been answered. .

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