Leonidas Iza will apply indigenous justice to a part of the Pachakutik assembly members

Leonidas Iza will apply indigenous justice to a part of the Pachakutik assembly members

The process will take place against the members of the political organization who are close to Guadalupe Llori, due to an “unethical, immoral, incoherent, disloyal attitude.”

On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, at 09:00, the General Assembly of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) the parish of San Pablo Lago, in Otavalo, would meet. The objective is to carry out a process of indigenous justice against against a part of the legislative bloc from Pachakutik.

According to a letter sent by Leonidas Iza, president of the social organization, seeks to resolve the conflict and the llaki (damage) that the assembly members that “demonstrated a unethical attitude, immoral, incoherent, unfair with the political and ideological project, which breaks with all community discipline and contravenes the effective exercise of collective rights ”.

The leader stressed the daily misconduct in the functions of legislation, oversight and political control, despite having collective resolutions.

He even assured that certain legislators have acted “contrary to, disobedience, contempt and betrayal of collective mandates, seriously affecting and undermining the integrity of peoples and nationalities”, even attacking “the achievement of good living for the majority of the Ecuadorian people

Likewise, Iza reproached the role of National Executive Committee from Pachakutik, chaired by Marlon santi.

The call for the indigenous justice process, which will remain open even if the legislators do not attend the meeting, comes a few days after the breakdown of the Pachakutik block. On December 15, 2021, nine assembly members of that political movement announced the constitution of an independent parliamentary group, which “will not lend itself to blackmail and agreements that imply affecting popular interests.”

This faction is made up of Mario Ruiz placeholder image (Imbabura), Darwin Pereira (El Oro), Patricia Sánchez and Salvador Quishpe (nationals), Mireya Pazmiño (Bolívar), Joel Abad (Cañar), Peter Calo (Cotopaxi), José Cabascango (Pichincha) and Salvador Maita (foreign), who say they commune with the guidelines of the Conaie and they reject the leadership of the bench coordinator, Rafael Lucero.

The Conaie, among other actions, reproaches that Pachakutik has not had a firmer position against the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, with respect to Pandora Papers case.

The legislators questioned by Iza, and the organization he directs, are those close to Guadalupe Llori, president of the National Assembly, Rafael Lucero and the national leadership of Pachakutik, with Marlon Santi. (JS)

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