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Lenín Moreno says he will not return to the country

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The former president of Ecuador reported, through his social networks, that he will not return to the country for the duration of his position at the OAS.

In a letter addressed to Guadalupe Llori, president of the National Assembly, Lenin Moreno said it takes him “by surprise” the decision made yesterday (November 23, 2021) by the legislature, which demanded its return righ now.

“This type of resolutions without legal argument, harm the management of the legislative function (…),” wrote the former president and detailed that on November 19 he was invited by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) to collaborate as Commissioner for Disability Affairs of that organization.

For this reason, he wrote dark, will be absent for the duration of that position, which “has the purpose of promoting the implementation of the Manuela Espejo Mission in the member countries of the organization.”

The former head of state did not disclose a specific date on which he will return to Ecuador. (MFU)

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