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Legal advisor of Petropar is dismissed for supporting the Honor Colorado movement

In the Chamber of Senators, the bidding between the legislators continues around the two short lists of candidates for Electoral Justice, and also for the formation of its new Board of Directors. There is talk of César Rossel and Jorge Bogarín as the favorites for the TSJE.

In a conversation with the radio Universo 970 AM – Nación Media, Colorado senator Martín Arévalo indicated that the list of candidates for Electoral Justice is well disputed, since strong maneuvers are being carried out in the different sectors.

“This could be analyzed on Thursday on tables or an extraordinary meeting be called for the following days,” the politician stressed.

Likewise, the congressman said that the dispute over the Board of Directors is between Oscar Salomón, Rodolfo Friedmann and Fernando Lugo.

In turn, Senator Hugo Richer (Frente Guasu) stated that if someone closes the 23 votes, an extraordinary session would be called tomorrow to discuss the new board of directors and at the same time the three lists for Electoral Justice.

“At this point, the trend on the lists already has a certain independence from the board of directors,” he explained.

The Luguista legislator also said that this issue of the Council of the Judiciary dispersed what was being built on the Board of Directors.

A sector would have a greater preference for the lawyer Jorge Bogarín González, according to Richer, in coincidence with what his Colorado colleague Óscar Cachito Salomón, president of the Senate, had mentioned.

The short lists of candidates who aspire to occupy the position of Minister of Electoral Justice, replacing María Elena Wapenka and Alberto Ramírez Zambonini, were as follows: the first is made up of Emilio Camacho, César Rossel and Édgar Urbieta, while the second by Myriam Cristaldo, Jorge Bogarín González and Gustavo López.

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