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Earthquake drill in Tacna leaves 1,855 dead and 4,259 injured (VIDEO)

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Earthquake drill in Tacna leaves 1,855 dead and 4,259 injured (VIDEO)

The director of the national defense and civil defense office of the Regional Government of Tacna Tito Chocano Rabanal explained that 43,880 victims were registered, 26,120 affected, 1,855 deceased, 4,259 injured and 615 missing, after the alleged earthquake of 8.2 degrees on the Richter scale which was presented today in the drill at 10 o’clock.

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From the Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) Tacna welcomed the active participation of more than 60% of the population of Tacna, who evacuated homes, schools, markets and other closed areas to train their reaction to the occurrence of a real movement telluric, which could occur at any time.

Fire Brigade, Police, Army and Red Cross assisted the “wounded”. (Photo: Adrian Apaza)

Call for declaration of emergency

“Due to the number of people affected and deceased in an earthquake of this magnitude, the attention capacity of the region is exceeded, which is why the declaration of an emergency is requested to start receiving the help of everything that is INDECI at the national level” he explained.

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The authorities focused on the COER after participating in representations of landslides and fires in the Central Market of Tacna and in the Zonal Market of Ciudad Nueva, where the brigade members of the Fire Department, Army, Police and Red Cross put their training into practice.


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