Leblanc: Panama respects and guarantees the human rights of migrants

The Ombudsman Eduardo Leblanc stated that Panama respects and guarantees the human rights of migrants.

“The Republic of Panama has fulfilled much more and several of the recommendations made by the Court have been complied with, except for some such as the issue of vaccination, because it is very difficult to take it to the Darién…”

Leblanc’s statements were given this morning at the Panamanian Foreign Ministry where the president of the International Court of Human Rights (IACHR), Ricardo Pérez Manrique and the Inter-American Commission provided a report on compliance with the measures granted by the Court in the case. Velez Loor Vs Panama.

The Vélez Loor v. Panama case refers to the international responsibility of the Panamanian State for the migratory detention of Jesús Vélez Loor, the lack of due process and the poor conditions in the detention center where he was sent.

Regarding respect for human rights, Leblanc said that after the case of Vélez Loor, Panama has made a lot of progress, because through the entity he directs, the personnel of the National Border Service (Senafront) have been trained and every week they monitor the migrant stations.

“The treatment has been more humane and the dignity and rights of each of the migrants who pass through Panama to the north have been respected,” he said.

For his part, the president of the IACHR, Pérez Manrique, assured that they have seen progress since the measures were issued and that they have seen an attitude of commitment on the part of the Panamanian authorities to solve the problems.

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