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Learn how to access the Government unemployment subsidy

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Learn how to access the Government unemployment subsidy

According to information from ministry of laboronly workers, dependent or independent, who they are not working and who have been affiliated with the Family Compensation Fundsin categories A and B, may apply for the emergency subsidy of the National Government’s Unemployment Protection Mechanism.

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Resolution No. 853 of March 30 issued by the Ministry of Labor establishes that this subsidy also covers those who do not receive an old-age, disability or survivors’ pension and who, during the last 5 years, have made contributions to a Family Compensation Fund for 1 year. continuous or discontinuous year.

People who do not have a job and apply to receive this benefit will have access to contributions to the General System of Social Security in Health and Pensions, calculated on 1 current legal monthly minimum wage.

Additionally, they will receive the family subsidy quota for children, siblings in a situation of disability or dependent parents, in the same terms and values ​​that were being delivered and under the conditions established in the current legislation of the Family Subsidy System.

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In the same way, an economic transfer will be covered for the expensesaccording to the consumption needs and priorities of each beneficiary, for a value of two 2 current legal monthly minimum wageswhich will be divided into 3 equal monthly installments.


Accredit before the last Family Compensation Fund to the who was affiliatedthe certification on the termination of the employment contract in the case of dependent workers or cessation of income in the case of independent workers.

diligence electronically the unique application form for the Unemployed Protection Mechanism. You can also download it on the website of the respective Family Compensation Fund, fill out, sign and send it to the respective Fund, as provided by the Family Subsidy Superintendence.

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– The Family Compensation Fund will validate the information. In the event that there are contributions made to a different Compensation Fund, it must request that the applicant certify it within a term not exceeding 3 business days, within which the term to decide on the recognition or not of the contribution will not be suspended. benefit.

Through the Solidarity Fund for the Promotion of Employment and Protection of the Unemployed, FOSFEC, the Family Compensation Funds will be able to leverage the necessary resources, through the financial concept of a cash unit between the sub-accounts of the fund.


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