Learn about the position of all Uruguayan political parties on the situation in Ukraine

Learn about the position of all Uruguayan political parties on the situation in Ukraine


On Thursday, February 24, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, which has put the international community on edge.

Within this framework, in Uruguay, all the political parties issued their respective statements on the events.

wide front

The Broad Front expressed its “concern over the growing exacerbation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the very serious consequences that, if it continues, it may have on both States and the international community as a whole.”

The left reiterates its commitment to “peace, independence and sovereignty as keys to the coexistence of peoples.”

At the same time, the FA calls for “moderation, reciprocal respect, dialogue and diplomacy between the parties involved for the prompt resolution of the conflict, within the framework of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations Organization and the norms of international law”, whose validity and compliance once again claim.

National Party

In the statement of the National Party mention is made of the “Russian military operation in Ukraine”.

“Given the growing escalation of violence after the recognition of the separatist regions in Ukraine by Russia and the military operation launched by that country, invading the territory of Ukraine today, in flagrant violation of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations”, the National Party, declared its “rejection of the threat or use of force as a means of resolving differences”.

The nationalists urge the parties “to resume dialogue and diplomatic channels, the only way to resolve the conflict in accordance with international standards”

In the declaration of the National Party it is expressed that “the territorial integrity of Ukraine and its States, and respect for their sovereignty, are basic principles of International Law contained in the Charter of the United Nations and must be respected.”

The nationalists express their “solidarity with all the victims of the conflict”, and make a “call to all the parties involved to make all possible efforts to achieve a diplomatic solution that brings peace and lasting stability in the region”.

They exhort the United Nations to “adopt decisions that reaffirm the rights of sovereign States and enable the condemnation of the invasion, and arbitrate the corresponding decisions in accordance with its Organic Charter.”

Colorado Party

In the declaration of the Colorado Party there is talk of “invasion of Ukraine by Russia”.

The Colorados “strongly condemn an ​​aggression that violates the prohibition of the use of force enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, and that is aggravated by the fact that the aggressor State is a Permanent Member of the Security Council of that Organization, and in that character has special responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace”.

The Colorado Party “rejects any pretense of justifying the aforementioned fact or relativizing its seriousness, alleging the ‘complexity’ of a situation in which geopolitical, historical and cultural factors influence. The war will not solve any problem but will aggravate existing ones.

The Colorados take note “with sorrow but without surprise, that the Cuban and Venezuelan dictatorships expressed their support for Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Likewise, it supports the “clear position of defense of International Law and condemnation of the Russian invasion adopted by the Uruguayan government, thus rightly correcting the abstention of Uruguay in the General Assembly of the United Nations when in 2014 that body condemned the Russian invasion of the Crimean peninsula.

Town meeting

While the National Board of the Open Council expresses its “strong rejection of the current large-scale military operation launched unilaterally by the Russian government against the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, in clear violation of the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations”.

Likewise, Cabildo Abierto stands in solidarity with the attacked populations and raises its voice asking the Russian government for “an immediate ceasefire, calling on the international community to deploy the humanitarian attention that is required and ensure peace in the region.”

They state that the founding charter of Cabildo Abierto principles “based on the deepest artiguist roots and the best Uruguayan diplomatic tradition, enshrines the importance of respect for the international legal system, the self-determination of peoples, non-intervention and the peaceful solution of disputes. ”.

In this sense, Cabildo Abierto fully supports “the position assumed by the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry regarding the necessary adherence to the strict application of the rules of international law and renew the call to the parties to return to the path of negotiations, as well as to the full compliance with the Minsk agreements and an urgent resolution through diplomatic channels”.

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