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Leandro Paredes calls for justice for Fernando Báez Sosa

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The Argentine player Leandro Paredes, world champion in Qatar 2022, shared a story on his social networks to remember Fernando Báez Sosa, the young son of Paraguayans beaten to death by a group of rugby players outside the Le Brique bowling alley in Villa Gesell in 2020.

True to its roots Juventus midfielder joined the popular outcry in the first days of the expected trial.

The player shared a post with a photo of Báez Sosa, accompanied by hands joined as a symbol of “Please.” Camila Galante, his wife, did the same.

The story that Paredes shared on his Instagram account. Photo: capture.

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Almost three years after the event, on Monday the trial began in which some of the defendants could be sentenced to life imprisonment Y Paredes took the opportunity to accompany the victim’s family and leave a message as a sign of support.

Like Báez Sosa, Paredes is the son of a Paraguayan mother, a product of the Paraguayan diaspora in Argentine lands.


“I am Fernando Báez Sosa. On January 18, 2020, I went out to have fun with my friends and my girlfriend at a bowling alley in Villa Gesell.

At one point we accidentally spilled some drink on a guy’s shirt, we apologized but they didn’t understand that it was accidental.

At the exit of the nightclub, 8 of them grabbed me and beat me to death, 2 more filmed everything and laughed at me, being accomplices in everything.

They beat me so much that even after I died they kept kicking me.

They left me stranded and went to eat at McDonald’s to celebrate that they had killed “a black man” as they said.

It’s been 3 years and I still haven’t gotten justice.

I’m telling it because Fernando Báez can’t”.

The trial progresses. According to the Argentine press, the sentence could already be known in the first days of next February.

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