Leaked documents reveal Macri’s commitment to participate in the invasion of Venezuela (+ VIDEO)

A series of secret documents published this Sunday would reveal a commitment by former Argentine President Mauricio Macri to involve the Argentine Armed Forces in a possible US-sponsored military intervention against Venezuela.

The documents are from the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Armed Forces of Argentina and they contemplate the sending of Argentine soldiers who would be at the service of the US Armed Forces, reports the Argentine news portal Cohete.

The invasion plan that would be carried out through three corridors: Marítimo del Mar de Argos, facing the north of the Caribbean Sea; the corridor along the Febo border, which would correspond to a land incursion from Colombia, and the third, the corridor along the Ceres border, an attack from Brazil.

The plan materialized in maneuvers between April and July 2019 called the Puma exercise that were under the command of General Juan Martín Paleo, who is now chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Argentine Armed Forces.

By dates, the exercise coincided with the recognition by the United States and Argentina of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela and with the military uprising called Operation Libertad launched on April 30.

The rebel soldiers rescued opposition politician Leopoldo López from house arrest and took him to a military base where they waited for pronouncements from other units.

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