Leaders of the Nägbe Buglé region reopen roads in Eastern Chiricano

For the tranquility of the Panamanian people and to avoid confrontations of people against people, a group of leaders from the Nägbe Buglé region communicated to the country the opening of the roads in the Chirican East.

According to the indigenous leaders, the decision was taken as a sign of good faith to hope that this Monday, July 25 at 6:00 in the afternoon, the dialogue table will return and the documents will be signed guaranteeing the inclusion of more than 70 products in price control and state subsidies.

Through a video in which they read a statement, the leaders of the Nägbe people showed their interest that these agreements, reached during the early hours of the morning, be signed tonight.

“Looking for the guarantee of finalizing the envelope of the basic basket where we have agreed on 7 points, in addition to 72 products to the basic basket, thanks to this struggle of the Nägbe people in the Chirican East and Hemo peasants”, they expressed when detailing some achievements that have left the fight in the streets like the 30% reduction in the basic basket.

“Because a united country will never be defeated, a united people will never be defeated, so let’s hope that at 6:00 in the afternoon the Executive will return to the table to sign this document as a guarantee for the country to return to tranquility,” they said. by requesting those who are at closure points to remain on the lookout or on vigil in order to find other alternatives or pressure measures other than closures.

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