Leaders of different forces highlighted the importance of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline

Leaders of different forces highlighted the importance of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline

National Senator Alberto Weretilneck, from Together We Are Río Negro. (Photo David Sánchez)

National Senator Alberto Weretilneck (Together We Are Río Negro) stated on Thursday that the construction of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline, announced by President Alberto Fernández“it is a very important, long-awaited and very transcendent work” for all Argentines.

“Let us think that we are standing on the second gas reserve in the world, which is a very important opportunity not only externally but also internally so that all Argentines can have access to something as important as gas to improve the quality of life”, said the Rio Negro legislator in statements to the press.

Weretilneck pointed out that “it will be able to generate an industrial takeoff in the country and the possibility of exporting so that Argentina is an important participant in the world gas market.”

Parliamentarian of Parlasur Ramn Rioseco Photo David Sanchez
Parliamentarian of Parlasur, Ramón Rioseco. (Photo David Sánchez)

For its part, the parliamentarian of Parlasur, Ramón Rioseco, He said: “Today we are supporting this project because the infrastructure is necessary, but it must also be said that the structural problem we have is the lack of industrialization at the origin of the resources.”

“If we continue to send crude gas, as in this case, to the Coast or the North of Argentina, we will continue without generating employment and added value to our industry at origin,” he said.

Rioseco said that “it is a discussion that we owe ourselves because we have the Heavy Water Plant stopped, we have distilleries stopped and we lack gas oil and we have a plastic factory in the United States with gas from Vaca Muerta.”

National deputy of the Frente de Todos de Neuqun Tanya Bertoldi Photo David Sanchez
National deputy of the Frente de Todos de Neuquén, Tanya Bertoldi. (Photo David Sánchez)

While, the national deputy of the Front of All of Neuquén, Tanya Bertoldi, He assured that “this work of 1,500 million pesos is achieved with funds from the national treasury but also thanks to the Solidarity Contribution Law that was discussed in Congress two years ago.”

“Unfortunately, not all of our legislators have supported this law, but thanks to those who did support it, we have the law and the necessary funds for this execution, which will consolidate Argentina’s energy system and will generate more than six thousand jobs. direct and an equal amount of indirect”, he stated.

Mayor of the town of Aelo Milton Morales Photo David Sanchez
Mayor of the town of Añelo, Milton Morales. (Photo David Sánchez)

By last, the mayor of the town of Añelo, Milton Morales, He maintained that “this gives us great certainties with the development of Vaca Muerta, it gives us expectations in the local order and we hope that this will have a pleasant impact on the town and the services we can provide.”

“We have been working with the Secretary of Energy (Darío Martínez) and the Governor (Omar Gutiérrez) to be able to carry out all the services that Añelo needs to continue growing and developing,” concluded the community chief.

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