Lawyers Association accuses sectors linked to the ruling party of killing jurist Basilio Guzmán

Santiago-The Bar Association of the Dominican Republic denounced that powerful sectors protect those responsible for the shooting death of the jurist Basilio Guzmanwhich occurred on June 21, 2022 in the residential hills of Gurabo in Santiago.

The president of the union, Miguel Surún Hernández, accompanied by the president of the Santiago section, Mileny López, said that they have information and complaints that officials linked to the ruling party and activities and litigation that confronted the lawyer Basilio Guzmán, hired hitmen and orchestrated his death. .

He revealed that these representatives, in order to seek impunity, have been moving at the police and public ministry level, so that the authorities do not reach the truth of the matter.

He regretted that the protection received by those responsible for the act and the passivity that the Public Ministry has shown keep this crime stagnant, which generates concern and discomfort in the national legal class.

He said that everything indicates that the death of Basilio Guzmán had to do with land disputes.

“We are denouncing that powerful sectors, political and non-political, are pressuring the authorities of the public ministry so that they do not reach the truth, regarding those materially and intellectually responsible for the death of Basilio Guzmán,” Surún pointed out.

Surún Hernández stated that there are sectors that pressure the prosecutor in charge of the investigations so that he does not dare to touch people with a lot of political power from different parties.

He said that stopping the investigations formalizes the hitman industry in the country.

“As an institution we will fight so that the case is carried to the last consequences and we warn that impunity in this process is encouraging the establishment of the company of hired assassins in the Dominican Republic, today it was Basilio Guzmán and tomorrow it will be a tenacious prosecutor, a attorney in general,” he said.

He said that this society and the prosecutor’s office headed by Judge Osvaldo Bonilla cannot afford to ingratiate themselves and abide by the pressures, so that they do not reach the real culprits, because this would imply that no one’s head is safe.

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