Lawyer Yonarqui Martínez denounces the police who asked for a bribe and courtship from a Spanish youtuber

Lawyer Yonarqui Martínez denounces the police who asked for a bribe and courtship from a Spanish youtuber

Lawyer Yonarqui Martínez denounced through her social networks that the Rivas policewoman who has become popular on social networks for asking for bribes and courtships from a foreign youtuber while passing through Nicaragua, is the same agent who testified against the former political prisoner of the Island of Ometepe Justo Rodríguez.

The opponent was imprisoned on April 20, 2020 on Ometepe Island, during an operation carried out by the Police in which they also arrested five more opponents. Rodríguez had been sentenced to three years and two months in prison for the alleged crime of “obstruction of functions.” But, in December 2021 he was handed over to his relatives in a paraplegic state.

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The defense attorney denounces that Anielka Rodríguez should be accused and prosecuted for acts of corruption since, “in a vile and ruthless manner, she pointed out Don Justo and other young people from the Island of Ometepe for false crimes. Anielka time always unmasks the scoundrels. Corrupt official », expressed Martínez through her Twitter account.

Rodríguez, now 69 years old, was engaged in agriculture, but was involved by the regime in altercations registered in the Esquipulas community, Moyogalpa, on Ometepe Island, when officers attacked several people who were near a park commemorating two years of the April 2018 rebellion.

According to his relatives, after being arrested, he was brutally beaten in the Ometepe cells and later transferred to the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, in Managua.

In the cells of “El Chipote” Justo Rodríguez suffered a stroke that caused small blood clots for which he underwent surgery to remove the three clots, this caused him to lose his ability to move.

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“As defenders we have to deal not only with people like Anielka but also (with) prosecutors, secretaries, officials, but everything will come to light at the time, so many injustices committed,” continued adding the lawyer Martínez, who was in charge of the Rodriguez defense.

The officer was harshly criticized on social networks after being recorded by the Spanish youtuber of the Soy Tribu channel, who was wearing a camera incorporated into the safety helmet he was wearing when he received the stop sign for committing a road violation. The video shows how the police officer asks for a bribe, a courtship, a trip to Spain, a WhatsApp contact and finally cookies and juice, so as not to apply a fine for the alleged traffic violation.

Rodríguez also ends up posing hugging the youtuber who later exhibited her as the “police girlfriend” who saved him from the fine in exchange for a bottle of processed juice.

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