Fuel rises again on Friday, officials must explain to the AN why prices cannot be frozen

On Wednesday afternoon, the National Assembly approved summoning several Executive officials to respond to a questionnaire about the high price of fuel.

The request made by the Economy and Finance Commission must be addressed on May 25, at 10:30 in the morning.

Among those cited by the Assembly are the Minister of Economy and Finance Héctor Alexander, the Minister of Commerce and Industry Ramón Martínez, the director of revenues, Plubio de Graia, the secretary of Energy, Jorge Rivera and also the director of the Authority of Traffic and Land Transport, Carlos Ordóñez.

According to the questionnaire approved by the Assembly, these officials must present the reasons why a trust cannot be created for the stabilization of the increase in the price of fuel, they must also explain if there are impediments to purchasing oil derivatives from new suppliers. .

Also, detail whether alternatives have been evaluated for the suspension or freezing of the tax on petroleum products.


It should be noted that this afternoon the National Secretary of Energy reported that for this Friday, May 20, gasoline prices will rise again.

They detailed that 95-octane gasoline will rise 58 cents per gallon, 91-octane gasoline will increase 49 cents per gallon and low-sulfur diesel will register a decrease of 22 cents.

These new prices will be in effect until 5:59 a.m. on Friday, June 3.

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