Lawyer who filed an appeal to free Fujimori: A criminal judge could not annul the pardon decision

Lawyer who filed an appeal to free Fujimori: A criminal judge could not annul the pardon decision

The attorney who filed the habeas corpus that was approved by the and that will allow the release of Gregorio Parco, assured that he presented the appeal two years ago for free and with the sole intention of generating jurisprudence at the national level.

“We support for free. It was an opportunity to draw binding national and international jurisprudence. That has been the project, not to earn money, but a national project”, he assured in statements to Successful.

“[¿No le va a pedir nada a Alberto Fujimori?] No, it’s already done. It is fulfilled. What I gain is national prestige and debate at a national and international level”he added.

Parco, author of the habeas corpus petition that demanded annulment of the supreme resolution that ordered the return of Alberto Fujimori to prison, specified that the only thing he asked the Constitutional Court is to correct the fact that a criminal judge was able to declare the supreme resolution null and void. of pardon

“The mistake that has been made is that he was the supreme judge and the supreme criminal chamber. The supreme criminal judges are there to sanction everything that is in the penal code, crimes, robbery, homicide. A criminal judge is not competent to declare null a supreme resolution that is a law. That is the error that has been corrected”he stated.

According to Ica’s lawyer, the competence to annul a resolution of this type that grants a humanitarian pardon would fall to a constitutional judge via an unconstitutional lawsuit.

“This trial is fairly won. The writing is not that he is old. The request has been very clear: a criminal judge is incompetent to declare null a supreme resolution. It has been 100% won. The other doctors (who voted against) have made a political issue. Here there are no politics or influences or anything. It can only be declared null and void by a supreme resolution as law by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski himself in his role (as president)”he concluded.


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