Imputados Cattleya quedarán libres por falta de pruebas, según abogado

Lawyer affirms defendants in the Cattleya case will be released due to lack of evidence

Santo Domingo – The lawyer José Paula predicted this Thursday that the defendants in the case Cattleya They must be released due to lack of evidence linking them to the facts attributed to them by the prosecution body.

The legal representative of the defendant Cristina González, identified as one of those who promoted and offered the sexual services of the victims, indicated that as evidence of her statement, the Public Ministry asked the judge of the Office of Permanent Attention for an advance of evidence, resource through which you can take the testimony of five other victims who are willing to testify.

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The lawyer also foresees that this Thursday it will not be possible to know the request for a coercive measure made by the Public Ministry against 15 individuals and three companies involved in the sexual exploitation network called Cattleya. This is due to the fact that the prosecution body has charged two new people and expanded its request for a coercive measure from 192 to 400 pages.

“With these new elements that were notified to us by email, it is clear that many defendants will remain defenseless today, because their lawyers have not been given the time to become aware of it,” said lawyer Paula.

For the time being, the Judge of the Permanent Attention Office of the National District, Pablo Imbert, is learning about the other hearings scheduled for this Thursday and then moving to a larger courtroom that allows him to accommodate the defendants in the Cattleya case. .

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