Lawmakers give up their fuel voucher

The Chamber of Deputies sanctioned the bill “By which transitory contingency measures are implemented for the commercialization of diesel, type III gas oil and 93 octane naphtha by Petróleos Paraguayos (Petropar), through its network of service stations authorized under the “Petropar” emblem, and measures are established to rationalize public spending and others, aimed at the efficiency of public purchasing processes for the provision of oil-derived fuels”.

With this, it seeks to pay for the government subsidy for Petropar fuels, which have been reduced since last Monday.

Now it goes to the Executive Power, which, at the close of this edition, had not yet enacted it.

Article 5 of the bill establishes that the prohibition of the allocation, discount, exemption and delivery of fuel, personal cards or fuel quotas to the authorities and officials of the Powers of the State and of the Organisms and Entities of the State (OEE ), including public companies and those of mixed economy, corporations with majority shareholding of the State and municipalities, in all its modalities, as a measure of rationalization of public spending.

This measure will be permanent. With this, the legislators will give up their G. 3.5 million monthly vouchers that they receive to pay for their fuels.

This means about G. 5,250 million (US$ 750 thousand) that will be destined to pay part of the subsidy.


Pedro Alliana, president of the Chamber of Deputies, (Chartist ANR) announced, at the beginning of the session, that, regardless of what the plenary of the Lower House decides, his Colorado Honor bench adopted the determination to give up their vouchers of G. 3.5 million that each legislator receives on a monthly basis.

“We are not going to do the media circus that some do, which is to donate a little bit, and then charge their political operators to go to political rallies or campaign launches,” he said. On the other hand, he criticized legislators from the Upper House, who are constantly questioning the Chamber of Deputies, for having included in the PGN2022, the item intended to support the payment of these fuel vouchers.

“Some are tearing their hair out or are supposedly amazed at the fuel quota of the Chamber of Deputies, but they are not outraged with the Senate that last year, in the midst of a pandemic, increased the salaries of its officials, who earned very above the minimum wage,” he said.

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