Law 122 and 314 of tourist incentives will be repealed as an austerity measure

This afternoon, the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, addressed the country upon his arrival at the Hotel Coclé in Penonomé, to participate in the dialogue table that he is developing in this region of the country, where he announced that Law 122 and 314 on incentives for the sector tourism will be repealed.

“I have authorized and instructed the Minister of Commerce to present, for the next Cabinet Council, the repeal of two tourism laws, 122 and 314, and to present them for next Wednesday so that they can be repealed and a again,” said the president, assuring that as a country we have to make sacrifices for which a series of austerity measures have been presented to the government, which he said will be followed to the letter.

Cortizo also referred to the subsidies that the State has given to alleviate the high costs of fuel and mitigate the hard blow that this represents for Panamanian families, highlighting that all those contributions so that the Panamanian has gasoline at $3.25 must be paid to the oil companies and “obviously that resource is not going to stay in Panama, that resource is not going to multiply in Panama, it leaves the country and comes out of the budget and we also have to pay for the small gas tank, which is around 140 to 144 million dollars “.

Cortizo emphasized that his government is one of unity, consensus and dialogue.

“I have traveled this country in 36 months, 108 community work tours each with four to five activities, I know the quality of people we have in this country and I ask God to give me health to continue touring this country and to be able to bring solutions to Panamanians and young people from our neighborhoods, from our regions of rural and agricultural Panama, bring them those scholarships that they can go out to study English, that they can go to different countries; to Canada, to the United States, Spain”, he highlighted and indicated that what is sought is to continue on the path of economic recovery and generating jobs to help those most in need. “Here only the country has to win, that is what we want Panama to win,” he pointed out.

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