The digital census has already reached 4% of homes across the country

Last days of the 2022 Digital Census: the keys to completing it

When finished, a code will be automatically generated that will have to be shown or simply dictated to the census taker
When finished, a code will be automatically generated that will have to be shown or simply dictated to the census taker.

The Digital Census can be completed until Wednesday May 18 at 8at which time the traditional survey will begin for all the homes in the country to carry out the survey in person or request proof of completion from those who have completed it through any electronic device with internet access.

Is the Census mandatory? Until when do I have time to respond to the digital census? How do I identify census takers? What do I do if I can’t stay home on census day? These are some of the questions regarding the digital and face-to-face census, which will be carried out throughout the country next Wednesday.

Until next Wednesday, those who want to register in advance will be able to do so through the digital questionnaire of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) on the official site and, When finished, a six-digit alphanumeric code will be automatically generated that will have to be shown or simply dictated to the census taker to go to the address to ensure that the entire population, households and dwellings of the Argentine territory have been counted.

People who do not choose the new digital modality will be able to answer the questions in the direct interview
People who do not choose the new digital modality will be able to answer the questions in the direct interview.

The code can be downloaded from the page and from the Indec they recommended writing it down or taking a screenshot.

In addition, it is sent to the email that was registered at the beginning of the Census, so they advised checking the spam folder.

People who do not choose the new digital modality will be able to answer the questions in the direct interview which will take place on May 18, a national holiday decreed, when census takers will visit more than 15 million homes and collect information from some 46 million people throughout the country, according to INDEC estimates.

The objective of the Digital Census is to save time for the population and census takerswhile methodological and technological innovations will make it possible to obtain “a more exact picture” of the population, they reported from the body led by Marco Lavagna.

To start the online form of the National Census of Population, Households and Housing 2022, you must enter the site Y generate the unique 5-digit housing code. To do this, you must complete the address that may not coincide with the address that appears on the DNI. If any data is not found, the “Manual input” button can be enabled to write the address and locate it on the map.

Questionnaire is organized in five blocks: home, list of people in the household, characteristics of the home and the home, population, and proof of completion.

First, you must select the type of housing (house, apartment, box, among others) and enter the number of people who live there and if they make up one or more households.

For the Census, a household is the person or group of people, related or not, who live under the same roof and share their food expenses. People who live alone also constitute a household.

The Digital Census can be completed until Wednesday, May 18 at 8 Photo Camila Godoy
The Digital Census can be completed until Wednesday, May 18 at 8. Photo: Camila Godoy.

Then you must write the name of the head, the head or the reference person of the household and the rest of the members, clarifying the relationship between them.

Next, it will be possible to answer the block of questions about the home and the dwelling and answer the questionnaire for each person on the list, which for the first time incorporated a question on the self-perception of gender identity and broadened the scope of the query on ethnic self-recognition (indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples) to the entire population.

Once the form is completed with all household members, you must press the “Finish Census” button. to get the receipt.

-Can the digital questionnaire be completed at different times?

-Yes. For this, it is necessary to keep the unique code of the dwelling that is sent by email when entering the digital Census for the first time. Responses are automatically saved and once completed cannot be edited. If an error was made, the voucher should not be delivered on May 18 and, instead, the interview must be done again in person with the census taker.

-What do I have to do if I am not going to be at my home on the day of the Census?

-Any person who also lives in the dwelling can answer the questionnaire or give the census taker the proof of completion. If there will be no one and you live in an apartment, you can leave the code with a neighbor or the person in charge to give it to the census taker. If you live in a house, you can leave it in the house next to or adjoining yours, they clarified in the Indec.

-Why is the DNI requested to start the digital Census?

-The census questionnaire does not request an ID. The document number, along with the day and month of birth, are on a temporary screen that is used to verify that the person who is going to respond to the digital Census is a human person, and not a robot, of sufficient age (over 14 years) to answer on behalf of all household members.

-Will the information provided during the Digital Census be protected?

-All information will be protected by “a strict computer security protocol” and will be stored on Arsat’s servers under “anonymization, encryption and data governance techniques”, according to Law 17,622, Decree 3,110/70 and the Indec Resolution 181/2020.

The only mechanism by which information will be requested will be through the official website and later the completion code will be sent to the email provided by the person. No one from INDEC will communicate by phone, WhatsApp or any other means.

Is it mandatory to answer the census?

-Yes. All the people who inhabit the national territory have to answer it, according to Decree 726/2020. Those who do not respond or lie about the data will have to pay a fine. According to Resolution 35/2022 published in the Official Gazette, the minimum fine is $1,076.36, while the maximum penalty can reach $106,799.35.

Is May 18 a holiday?

-Yes. Between 00:00 and 20:00 on the day of the Census, theatrical functions, cinematographic exhibitions, sports competitions, shows or public meetings may not be held. Nor may clubs and shops selling food items be open (Law 24,254).

In addition, public transport will work with the special schedule for Sundays and holidays.

-How to identify census takers?

-They will have a bib with the image of the Census and a credential with their personal data (name, surname and DNI). They do not need to enter your home.

-Do I have to register in the place of habitual residence or where I spent the last night?

-It will be the first time that a “right census” is carried out, where people are counted according to their usual place of residence during the week. The previous ones were “de facto censuses”, since they registered the population where they had spent the night before the Census Day.

– Does a person who is temporarily in Argentina have to be registered?

-You only have to register if you resided during the last 6 months or if you plan to establish residence for the next 6 months.

-If I have doubts, where can I turn?

The toll-free line 0800-345-2022 was opened and is available from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Assistance can also be requested through the email [email protected].

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