"Las Grinch" falls in a hotel in Huancayo, which they peppered the unwary on Christmas Eve

“Las Grinch” falls in a hotel in Huancayo, which they peppered the unwary on Christmas Eve

They have just reached the age of majority and are already accused of forming a fearsome gang of peperas that leaves their victims unconscious to steal all their belongings. Two young women were captured inside a hostel and taken to the police station..

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Meliza RP(18) and Beatriz AF(19), are accused of being part of the “Las Grinch de Huancán” gang, after they tried to rob two young people who went out to celebrate Christmas in Huancayo.

The victims were identified as Alexander BH(23) and Elvis ZG(26). Apparently one of them managed to realize that they were being doped by the women and managed to call their relatives, the same ones who went to the Panamericana Lodging, located on the avenue of the same name, in the district of Huancán.

Both women found themselves cornered by the angry family, for which they would have chosen to throw out one of the windows of the room, the cell phones and the pills with which they doped the young people.

Minutes later, police from Par Huancán arrived, who entered one of the rooms on the third floor of the establishment and found the victims in an unconscious state, while the women, unionized as peperas, denied having committed any crime.

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When they did not respond, the two men were rushed to the Daniel Alcides Carrión de Huancayo hospital, where they were diagnosed with poisoning from an unknown substance.

On the other hand, the women classified as part of Las Grinch de Huancán, were detained for the alleged crime of aggravated robbery, against public health and were transferred to the Chilca police station, so that legal proceedings can be initiated.

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