Cuadros diarrea  en La Zurza, pero sin nuevos casos  cólera

Diarrhea pictures in La Zurza, but without new cholera cases

Santo Domingo.-“These are the ones from my December”, expressed a child showing his shoes before jumping into the waters of the Isabela River, despite the fact that the health authorities have recommended not to do so due to contamination by the Vibrio cholerae bacterium, which produces cholera .

In the midst of their innocence and the precariousness in which the inhabitants of the La Zurza sector live, in the National District, a group of children (as well as some adults), made this river their personal spa, since some residents lack bathrooms in their homes.

In this sense, also in La Pocita, a place from which studies are awaited to find out whether or not it is found with the cholera bacteria or other pathogens, the community members continued to bathe and wash clothes.

Acute diarrhea
Meanwhile, during the Christmas Eve and Christmas festivities, the demand for care from the mobile units of the Ministry of Public Health was low, but yesterday morning several people went to them for presenting diarrheal symptoms.

“The influx of patients from La Zurza has decreased, specifically, suspected cases of cholera. However, we have had two or three cases of acute diarrhea due to parasitosis,” said Dr. Máximo Canela, Risk Management of the aforementioned ministry.

According to the director of Health Area IV, Jesús Suardí, a week after the mobile hospitals were placed in that area, only 17 people have come seeking medical attention, while other collaborators continue to visit house to house.

According to statements by Dr. Suardí, of the six suspected cases of the disease, which were announced last week, four have tested negative for cholera, while the diagnoses of the remaining two are awaited.

Cleaning operations, ravine interventions and kits made up of serum, disinfectant, chlorine, among other supplies; In addition to the delivery of educational brochures (in Creole and Spanish), they are part of the multisectoral actions developed in that area.


– Support
La Zurza is being intervened by the ministries of Public Health, Public Works, Environment, Education; the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD) and the National District Mayor’s Office.

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