Las Bambas speaks out after a new blockade in the Southern Mining Corridor

Las Bambas speaks out after a new blockade in the Southern Mining Corridor

The residents of the community of Urinsaya in Coporaque – Espinar (Cusco), have taken over the Southern Mining Corridor, and do not allow any vehicle of the MMG Las Bambas company to drive through the area, demanding to be considered as an area of ​​social and environmental influence. direct.

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After the fact, from the mining company they have indicated that the community has ignored the technical rationale of the competent authorities for the determination of the place as an area of ​​direct influence, being 250 kilometers from the mining camp.

“The company has shown its willingness to dialogue, its commitment to comply with the agreements reached and flexibility and creativity to find viable formulas that allow you to contribute to the sustainable development of the community of Urinsayaquoted from MMG Las Bambas.

Finally they recommended accepting the proposal of MMG Las Bambas in the sense of declaring Urinsaya as an area of ​​environmental and social interest of the companywhich, according to them, would provide benefits to the community in terms of project development.


After the blockades of the Southern Mining Corridor in Cotabambas (Apurímac) and Ccapacmarca (Cusco), Residents of Espinar take the national road again, this time in the town of Urinsaya, belonging to the district of Coporaque.

In this place, hundreds of residents bet on the national road, demanding to be considered as a zone of direct social and environmental influence, despite being more than 200 kilometers from the mining camp; They maintain that the dust generated by the passage of trucks from the mine contaminates their animals, pastures and them as well.

This new blockade began on March 1, but becomes more intense as the days go by, by Thursday the community members had taken the highway in up to three points, It should be noted that the passage is only prohibited to MMG Las Bambas vehicles.


– Thus, in addition to requesting to be considered as a direct area of ​​influence, the community members of Urinsaya ask for payment for the communal land that was used for the construction of the road, as well as a job bank for local youth and have a fund for the implementation of community development projects.

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