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Larreta clarified that "believe in social plans in an Argentina that grows"

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Larreta clarified that "believe in social plans in an Argentina that grows"

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The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, affirmed this Friday in Bahía Blanca that “We have to go from social plans to genuine work” and said that “it cannot be that the State is giving support to people who can work.”

“We believe that in an Argentina that grows and creates jobs, what we have to do is move from social plans to genuine work. What cannot be is that the State is giving support to people who can work. What you have to do is generate workis the best social policy in Argentina,” said the Buenos Aires mayor at a press conference he gave in Bahía Blanca, accompanied by the Buenos Aires national deputy, Diego Santilli, and the local mayor Héctor Gay.

This week, Rodríguez Larreta was at the center of the controversy after -on Tuesday at a press conference- he asked the national government to remove social plans from “those who block the streets and do not comply with the law”, statements that They received the rejection of the Minister of Social Development, Juan Zabaleta, of legislators and of referents of social organizations, who claimed assistance to the “most vulnerable” as a path to genuine employment.

In his statements this Friday, Rodríguez Larreta added: “We believe in (social) plans in an Argentina that grows because the important thing here is for the country to grow again.”

“Today Argentina does not generate genuine, quality, private, blank employment, so the solution has to be given in a much more comprehensive plan that will make it grow again,” he said, although -nevertheless- he indicated that “there are some situations of many situations of social vulnerability: a mother with many children, someone with a disability, someone elderly who does not have a pension, who do require support from the State“.

On the other hand, he was asked about the possible presidential candidates of Together for Change for next year: “Until now, no one has personally expressed the desire to be candidates, because there is a long way to go and Argentina has much more pressing and urgent problems,” he asserted. about.

“Within Together for Change there are several people who have the potential to be candidates for president and that speaks well of the space. We have strong leaders, who are well installed, but none of them said it clearly, it’s too early,” he said.

For his part, Santilli said that Bahía Blanca “has the petrochemical pole, the most important in Argentina and Latin America, and has one of the most important ports.”

“One of every five tons of grain leaves through Bahía Blanca” which “has a potential for Argentina, for exports, generation of foreign exchange, for production and for the province of central Buenos Aires”, remarked the national legislator.

During their visit to Bahía Blanca, Larreta and Santilli will participate in local and regional support meetings, will tour the city and visit a small and medium-sized company, among other activities.

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