Landslides received, scandals, 'anti-record', lost key points and "ego struggle": Colombia without Qatar

Landslides received, scandals, ‘anti-record’, lost key points and “ego struggle”: Colombia without Qatar

Two technical directors in the midst of processes without results, rumors of scandals, discussions, almost 700 minutes without scoring a goal and games against direct rivals in which they lost or tied.

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The elimination of the Colombian National Team in its fight to reach the Qatar 2022 World Cup is not a surprise. The results of the last date and the sadness that is experienced today is something that many have already been seeing for months.

The ‘Tricolor’ had two technical directors who sought to achieve the goal of qualifying for the World Cup.

Carlos Manuel Brito Leal Queiroz ​the Portuguese who worked as a goalkeeper and who came out in the midst of goals, scandals and situations that were never clarified.

His time in the national team started in a good way, a respectable participation in the Copa América and although his game was not to the taste of many, he got results.

Until the fateful November 17, 2020 when they ended up thrashed by Ecuador.

Two goals that buried him

After the resounding defeat of the Colombian National Team against Ecuador, six goals to one, the process of Quieroz could not take it anymore.

After the landslide defeat, the criticism was directed more towards the Portuguese DT.

The game against Ecuador put a stop to the coffee growers, who were reminded that most of them play in high-level soccer in Europe and that this should translate into better performance with the tricolor.

The first half was the debacle, 7, 9, 32 and 39 were the fateful minutes for the Colombian National Team, a team that was overtaken from the initial whistle by those led by the Argentine Gustavo Alfaro.

He came from losing against Uruguay in Barranquilla by three goals to zero.

In December 2020 his departure was confirmed:

Attention: Carlos Queiroz ceased to be the coach of the Colombian National Team

Wheel’s arrival

The confirmation of the arrival of Reinaldo Rueda was given around 10 in the morning on January 14, 2021.

The day before from Chile they had reported the non-continuity of Rueda; news that was undoubtedly expected. Well, they wanted him as the new helmsman of the tricolor.

According to the statement published by the Colombian Football Federation at the time: «The Executive Committee of the Colombian Football Federation is allowed to announce that Professor Reinaldo Rueda is, as of today, the new technical director of the Colombian Men’s National Team. of Seniors”.

Rumors, mistakes, scandals and ‘anti-record’

Reinaldo’s arrival had been requested by many and criticized by others, he had opponents, detractors and also those who supported him.

However, his calls, style of play and results began to worry all Colombians.

One of the first episodes that began to generate discomfort were the rumors where there was talk of a strong fight between the players.

Case that although it occurred in the middle of the process of Carlos Queiroz, had strong repercussions in the handling that Rueda gave to his direct ones.

the revelations

The revelations were made through the Sports Blog program, where they detailed the altercation that some players of the Colombian National Team had.

“One overwhelmed the other and both are of international stature,” sports commentator Javier Hernández Bonnet had said, however, he did not reveal names on his program.

However, hours later in the program The Firefly Caracol Radio, the protagonists of the alleged discussion were revealed.

According to the radio program, James Rodríguez would have argued with Jefferson Lerma and Davindson Sánchez.

The Al Rayyan SC player from the Qatar Stars League would have gone to words with the Bournemouth midfielder and the Tottenham defender.

Faced with this situation, Queiroz chose to scold the group to which one of the soccer players would have replied: “We give up and don’t bother”, journalist María Alejandra Villamizar said.

Related news:

According to the program, the Portuguese coach would have made the decision not to line up this player in the starting lineup in the match that Colombia lost 6-1 against Ecuador in Quito.

The sports journalists of the country agree that within the dressing room of the selection there are some frictions between the players.

The Sports Blog program, directed by Javier Hernández Bonnet, stated that there are several groups within the team, implying that there was discord among the players.

bad results

The Valle del Cauca coach completed 21 matches with the Colombian National Team, resulting in 7 wins, 10 draws and 4 losses in all competitions.

On the other hand, in the Qualifiers there were 4 wins, 7 draws and 2 requests.

The Colombian National Team also completed an anti-record, becoming the first in South America to draw four games and seven in a row without goals for a World Cup tie, in the world it is the ninth and since 2017 such a result has not been experienced.

Initially, the first match was against Uruguay as a visitor and despite having the possibility of having won it, according to analysts, they tied it 0-0.

They then faced Brazil at the Roberto Melendez Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla and again drew goalless. For many, a golden point because the rival and the results of other teams.

And when the illusion was greater to get the victory against Ecuador at home, many waiting for the 2-0, the net did not inflate and once again equalized goalless.

Then they lost against Peru in a match that no one had in their plans to lose.

Almost 700 minutes without goals

On the last date, the Colombian National Team faced its counterpart from Bolivia, the match began marked with a tricolor over those led by the Venezuelan César Farias.

Colombia’s goals came after 685 minutes without scoring, that day the goals were scored by ‘Lucho’ Díaz, Borja and Uribe.

The miracle is not happening, although Colombia wins and Peru defeats Paraguay early

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