#LaEstampa |  The old PRI, the new PRI, the PRI of always

#LaEstampa | The old PRI, the new PRI, the PRI of always

This is confirmed by the PRI’s convenience regarding the extension of the presence of the Armed Forces in matters of public security. It is a cynical endorsement by definition, but useful in the pursuit of power, that aphrodisiac. Because it is not that the PRI believes in militarization. No way! Not that I seriously discussed it and came to a conclusion.

What happens is that President López Obrador needs PRI support and the PRI has decided to grant it in exchange for favors, explicit and unknown. If for that the PRI has to do somersaults and bend, kneeling, to the dictation of Morena and the president of Mexico, so be it. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last.

That is why the PRI really has no remedy. He never had it. When the electorate entrusted the government of the country and various states to a new generation of PRI members, that generation of PRI members squandered the trust of the population in a chain of aberrant corruption scandals.

Because the intention is not the exercise of power for the benefit of the governed; the goal is to obtain power for the benefit of the party and, ultimately, of the powerful in the party. It is the old PRI, which is the new PRI, which is the PRI of always.

It has no remedy. She never had it.


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