#LaEstampa |  disagreement with Spain

#LaEstampa | disagreement with Spain

In all his disagreements, the president lacks an essential reflection. It is clear that these lawsuits are of some use to López Obrador himself, perhaps as distractions in the face of the weight of an adverse reality. Some political benefit has to find them. But the president of Mexico should not govern for himself. His role is not to seek catharsis of his own or to manifest his own prejudices.

The president likes to say that he no longer belongs to himself. In a certain sense, it is true: López Obrador needs to answer for the interests of the country he governs, not for his own.

Let’s think about the case of yesterday’s statement on Spain. It is clear that López Obrador mistrusts Spanish companies and who knows what else. But the presidency of Mexico, I insist, is not about the personal judgment of whoever exercises it. The important question is: what does Mexico gain from its president’s disqualification of one of the country’s most important partners? Because Spain is that for our country. More than 10% of Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico is Spanish.

Talking about putting the relationship on pause is not anything, nor will it fall on deaf ears. It’s a serious matter.

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