Lack of police and refusal to provide security, fertile ground for militarization

Lack of police and refusal to provide security, fertile ground for militarization

In at least 12 of the 32 entities, currently, there are more elements of the National Guard deployed than troops registered in the local police, among them, Sinaloa, Sonora, Michoacán, Jalisco, Baja California and Guanajuato. The President of the Republic has assured that there are 19 entities that have more federal than local elements.

The president has also proposed that the military remain in public security duties for a few more years to allow the National Guard to consolidate itself as a public security institution. The debate is still being held in the Senate of the Republic.

In this regard, Rubén Ortega Montes, a member of the Security and Justice Observatory of the University of Guadalajara, explains that the states today face a lack of police officers and also of training in their uniformed personnel.

“The state and municipal police are diminished, they operate with fewer resources, security support was removed, civil public security was dismantledso we have reduced police, except for special cases such as Mexico City, it is another reality, but if we talk about towns where we do not exceed 10,000 inhabitants, we have corporations with a maximum of 10 police officers, “he explains.

Experts warn that although there is no police force that alone can combat organized crime, today the precept established by article 129 of the Constitution is being violated: “in times of peace, no military authority can exercise more functions than those that have exact connection with military discipline.

“The militia gained ground, they already have ports, customs, airports, highways, they already own mobility, they decide what enters, what leaves Mexico, from a lawful object to a person without the necessary documentation,” adds Ortega Montes .

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